Librarian Workshops – Cementing the future of libraries

Today’s post comes to us from our community member Sandy Brandt. You can find Sandy on Twitter as @Libsandy. Thanks Sandy! The obvious advantage of attending workshops is investment in your career. It also fortifies the future of libraries, since library users benefit from a revitalised you (and your service) and consequently keep returning. As […]

Librarian as Teacher: Information literacy in special libraries, or, how to secretly teach people things

When I was in library school I learned that information literacy is something that is taught in classes and seminars, by professional librarians to small or large groups of clients. While the content of information literacy training varied, what was made clear in the model I was presented with was that a client knew when […]

Discussion topic: the librarian as teacher

As library and information professionals, we often find ourselves in the role of teacher, helping library clients master information skills.Some of us are full-time teachers – a qualified teacher librarian, or an academic teaching new librarians in library school. But even many of us who are formal educators, find ourselves teaching at work all the time. […]

Discussion topic: What I wish I’d learned in library school (or: What’s the story with LIS Education?)

What I wish I’d learned in library school. Is there a topic closer to librarians’ hearts? However, it’s not unique to librarians – ask any professional in any job from journalism to veterinary science and you will find most have something to say about the value of on-the-job learning over theoretical training. The way you become […]