Personal Branding: Professional Writing

Professional writing is a valuable way to make your stamp on the world. It is a way to share your thoughts, showcase your knowledge but also to build your reputations with colleagues near and far. There are many ways you can approach professional writing to build your brand. Where can you start? Our ideas about […]

Beating writers block

Here at the ILN, we like to try and keep new content coming on a regular basis, so that you, our readers will always have a fresh and interesting reason to come back and visit us and be part of our international community. Sometimes the responsibility of coming up with another blog post (or at work, another […]

Have you been following #blogjune?

Many of us have had the experience of starting a blog, full of ideas to write about – only to find our time and energy dry up. To counteract this feeling, a few years ago, a handful of librarians in Australia decided to get together and start a daily blogging challenge for the month of […]

Discussion topic: professional writing

For our next discussion topic we’re going to look at professional writing: what it is, how it’s changed, and what opportunities there are for our participants. What is professional writing? There is no one answer to this question. Different people and organisations have different ideas  of where the boundaries are between professional and non-professional writing. […]