Personal Branding: Make a Contribution

To prepare this discussion topic I have been doing a lot of reading about personal branding. There are some good articles out there and also some awful ones and a whole bunch in between. Many offer useful tips but others take a very shallow approach focussed on self-promotion at almost any cost. These kinds of […]

Personal Branding: Me, Myself and I (and lots of hats)

In my professional career I wear lots of different hats. First, there’s my “day job” as the Manager of Research Reporting at UNSW Library. In this role, I manage  the system UNSW uses to collect information about all of the publications produced by UNSW researchers. I support open access at UNSW and explore emerging research support tools such […]

Personal Branding: Professional Writing

Professional writing is a valuable way to make your stamp on the world. It is a way to share your thoughts, showcase your knowledge but also to build your reputations with colleagues near and far. There are many ways you can approach professional writing to build your brand. Where can you start? Our ideas about […]

Personal Branding: “Sell” yourself

When perfecting your personal brand, it is useful to think about how you are ‘selling yourself’ to colleagues and prospective employers. A really important tool to have in your toolkit is the elevator pitch. The idea of the elevator pitch comes from an imaginary scenario where you are sharing an elevator ride with someone that you […]

Discussion Topic: Personal Branding

Managing your professional identity in the 21st century is a complex task, how you are perceived as a professional is influenced by so many things. Everything you do: the way you act in meetings, the way you write, the way you dress and every tiny thing you do online can all influence how your actions are interpreted by […]