Management and leadership: multi-directional management

To continue our discussion around leadership and management in libraries, we’d like to examine the idea that management happens in multiple directions. That is, management happens down (managers manage their staff), sideways (team members manage the rest of their team), upwards (individuals manage their managers) and outward (managing library volunteers). Are you, or have you ever […]

Management and leadership: cultural differences in management styles

  Management styles can vary greatly from country to country. This article from Move One Inc, a moving management company, compares multiple international styles …Management styles valued in the Netherlands may be perceived as weak in Romania, where authoritative leadership prevails. Or, calling subordinates by their first names is seen as a gesture of friendliness […]

The year in my library: JF

JF is a law librarian working for a Scottish public sector organisation. She took up her current role in January 2015, working as the sole information professional in a subdivision of a larger 1,600 staff organisation. She’s worked for commercial law firms, public sector organisations, a university, and private membership law libraries. The edited post […]