Braille and Libraries

I can only imagine how difficult it would be in this digital age for people with vision impairments, and how they would be at a huge risk of getting ‘left behind’. I recently read an article by CNet on an ‘Instant Braille translator [that] can fit in your hand‘. This little invention is pretty amazing: […]

Diverse communities: library spaces

Inevitably when writing a series of articles about libraries and diverse communities, some of the posts will overlap a little and there were many occasions when an interesting link or story about a library could have fitted into more than one category. While┬ámany uses of library space are directly related to services offered by the […]

Diverse communities: library collections

Just as library services have to keep pace with their community’s needs, so too does the collection. What sort of collection policies are in place at your library to ensure access to the material from a wide range of users? In a public library setting this could mean┬áproviding different collections such as: community language, specialist […]