My Library Hero: Mary Thomas

Today’s post was a late addition to the My Library Hero discussion topic we featured during our last round. It comes to us from  Franky Ip, a recent graduate of MSc (Information Management) programme jointly offered by the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Hong Kong and the Charles Sturt University. Thank you for sharing your story Franky!


I am just an ordinary student. I did not do well in the public examination and could not enter into any local university. I was not interested in business, accounting, finance etc. I just wanted to do something more interesting. And therefore I came across library studies.

It was 10 years ago when I came across the excellent late lecturer, Mary Thomas, of the Charles Sturt University. It was so dramatic when I first met her! I went to the Community College of the School of Professional and Continuing Education of the University of Hong Kong to find out more information about the Higher Diploma in Library and Information Management Programme. When I went to the classroom and wanted to learn more about the programme. Mary came to introduce the programme to me. I remembered that she asked: “Why do you want to take this course?” I said: “Because I was a student librarian for several years in my secondary school. And I used to be the Head of student librarians. I’m very interested in managing the library, cataloguing the collection, and helping user to fulfill their needs in the library. I hope to be a professional.” After a long chat, she finally gave me an offer. I was so surprised! She said she could see my passion in pursuing library studies. I was deeply touched!

Although Mary left the lecturer position after my first year in the higher diploma programme, she was still an irreplaceable teacher to me. She gave me a lot of advice in developing my profession. Even after so many years, I still keep the hard copies of my assignments with Mary’s marking for custody. Her death was so sudden to me that I did not even have a chance to say goodbye to her. So, I decided to devote my speech to her in the graduation ceremony of my Master Degree in Information Management in September this year to express my sincere gratitude to Mary, my beloved teacher. Though she has passed away, I am sure her influence is always with me.

Thank you for your teaching and supporting me, my hero, Mary Thomas.


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  1. its relay impressing because i am also student in the Department of Library and information science. Bangalore university in India.

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