Sustainability and libraries: little free libraries

Earlier this year we featured a post from our Canadian Country Ambassador, Cate Carlyle on the little free library she has established at the front of her house.

Little free libraries meet lots of community needs, many of which Cate highlighted in her post. However, I was delighted to find whole Pinterest boards devoted to the topic of eco-friendly little free libraries.

In lots of ways little free libraries meet many of the challenges of providing sustainable libraries and library services. They are community meeting places, enable the sharing of information and promote literacy and reading – the basic charters of may library services.

Want to build one using some materials you may have already sitting around at home?

Have you used a little free library? Or perhaps you’ve created one, like Cate. We’d love to hear about it! Share your thoughts in the comments below or join us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or send us a postcard for the blog.

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  1. Very interesting..i have heard about people leaving book behind at the airport and so on…but this concept of creating Free Little Library is very intriguing and the selfless act of the person who introduced this should be honoured..We are also planning to set up one of this kind very soon here in Mizoram, India..

  2. It’s encouraging! I set up a little library in the house with variety of collections from old equipment and materials up to the latest one. I keep old brochures and pamphlets from wherever I went to and have them piled up. I have a plan of opening it to the public but because of some circumstances it did not happen. Now that I read this Free Little Library I am encouraged to pursue my plan. Congratulation to Ambassador Cate Carlyle.

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