Postcard: USIU-A Library, Nairobi, Kenya

Today’s post comes from Moses Munyao, from Nairobi. Thanks Moses!


To many people, mentioning the word library brings about a picture of old, rugged buildings that “store” books. The 21st century libraries are therefore striving to avert this notion by creating an environment that attracts and captivates the users. On the outskirts of the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi lies The United States International University-Africa, a multicultural University

The USIU-A library is keeping up with the times and has achieved this through various ways. From the outside, it stands tall waiting for its clients.  The ambience at the entrance gives you a “you are welcome” kind of feeling.  Paintings on the walls capturing quotes from prominent people inspire you to be an achiever. The natural lighting, the open reading space gives you an outside environment inside a building. Who wouldn’t want to have such an experience? I therefore pride myself for working in this magnificent library.

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