My Library Hero: Isabel Sánchez

Today’s post comes to us from María García-Puente, the ILN’s Ambassador for Spain: 

Isabel Sánchez

Isabel Sánchez

I used to go to the public library when I was a child. She was the librarian at this public library. She showed me how to feel a book, she introduced me to many authors and titles, she was the person who guided me when I studied my degree and I went to this public library for my training.

She is the responsible of my love for the libraries, for being a librarian. She was my librarian when I was a child. Now, she is my friend and my collegue. Her name is Isabel Sánchez and she works in the “Bibliotecas Públicas Municipales de Salamanca” network, in Spain.

Find out more about Isabel Sánchez at:

Materiales de Papel social y educativo de las bibliotecas públicas.

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