Discussion Topic: My Library Hero


Photo: “Nancy Pearl” by Anne CC-By-NC-SA

We all have library heroes, every day librarians who have inspired us to be better at what we do.

For our next discussion topic, we wanted to take some time to talk about  some of the amazing librarians around the world who have inspired us and share their wonderful achievements.

Library Heroes come in many forms. It might be the librarian who first sparked your love of libraries or a teacher who taught you new skills; an inspirational leader you have not yet met,  a mentor who shared their experiences with you or a dedicated colleague who persists even in the face of adversity.

For the next two weeks we will be showcasing on our blog some of the Library Heroes nominated by the ILN community.

Some things to help you identify your library heroes include:

  • Who in the profession inspires you? Why?
  • If you have other mentors, who are they are why do you consider them a mentor?
  • Who do you aspire to be like? Why?

During the next few weeks, you can share your library hero with us by posting about it on Facebook, Twitter (use #interlibnet #libraryhero to help us find it) or LinkedIn.


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