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National Library of Kosovo

In the middle of Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo, the National Library of Kosovo is located surrounded by Campus of the University of Prishtina, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Academy of Arts, and the Gallery of Arts in the left side. This interesting and full of history object may not look as much from the outside, but all the [1]knowledge inside of it make it one of the most important buildings located in the heart of Prishtina.

Inside the Library, the smell of old and new books, letters, newspapers take you in places full of poetry, songs, and stories which one has never imagined before. All the ancient material stored inside is well stored and served for users with the highest delicacy, kindness and culture.

Behind all the books and materials, there is an army of workers who collect, classified, catalog and prepare the material for the community. The staff is hardworking, knowledgeable about all the material, and act as intermediates between storing, locating, registering and serving the material to the community.

The mission of National Library of Kosova is to collect, preserve, promote and make place for the document which represent the heritage of population of all communities who live here, and aims to provide a better reading and developing conditions for all nations. Apart from this mission, the Library serves as a coordinator of all other libraries located in Kosovo. Further, the management team is determined in collaborating with other libraries located outside of Kosovo, and this has proven to be one of the biggest advantages to the library in general.

The environment which the workers of the Library inhibit is well-organized, attractive and makes working easier and better. Many activities such as book signing, exhibitions etc., are organized within the library, and all of them contribute to a better work-environment.

[1] Bajraktari, Remzie. National Library in Kosovo. 2010.

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