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Milwaukee Makerspace used with permission under CC BY 2.0

Milwaukee Makerspace by Pete Prodoehl – used with permission under CC BY 2.0

This post was inspired by an article on the Impact of Social Sciences blog about the role of maker spaces in academic libraries. The article looked at a ‘pop up’ maker space at the University of Sussex library.

Maker spaces can really be whatever you want them to be – as long as they allow for the creative, hands-on use of materials and/or technology to, well, make things.

We thought we’d gather together here some information and ideas for creating a maker space in your own library, regardless of the type of library you work in or use.

This resource guide to libraries and maker spaces focuses on US libraries, however last year the University of Pretoria opened South Africa’s first maker space, prompting a discussion in The Conversation about what the future might look like for African libraries.

Are you a school librarian? You might want to look at this post exploring the relationship between maker spaces and school libraries. Or this one that has a list of places to get started. There’s also the School Library Journal’s special edition on makerspaces.

There’s quite a lot written about the role of maker spaces in public libraries or you could turn to this handy guide to creating one in your own library.

Do you have a maker space in your library? Is there a plan to implement one? What do you think about them – do libraries have a role in this area, or is this another fad that libraries and librarians are going through? We’d love your thoughts and comments below or shared on our Facebook page or via Twitter using #interlibnet #libraryspaces.

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  1. Currently there is lack of library space in Private academic library environment as well as they pay minimum monthly salary . Because it is in activeness of govt. inspection body.

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