ILN Founders named Library Journal Movers & Shakers

Combined photo - Clare, Alyson, Kate

ILN founders: Clare McKenzie, Alyson Dalby and Kate Byrne (L-R)

We are very excited to be named as 2016 Movers & Shakers and it is a great privilege to be amongst this year’s winners on behalf of our incredible global network. This annual award from Library Journal honours emerging leaders in the library world, showcasing individuals who are innovative, creative, and making a difference and it means so much to be a part of it.

Our journey with International Librarians Network over the last three years has been a remarkable experience. We have watched the program grow from a tiny idea to a pilot to a global program that has now has offered peer-mentoring to over 4,500 participants. When we sat down that first day, we could not have imagined that this path would lead us here.

Building the ILN from the ground up has made us challenge ourselves and redefine what we thought was possible. In return, it has gifted us the most incredible network of talented professionals from all around the world. We simply could not have made the ILN the success it is today without the extraordinary community of volunteers who shared with us their time, their expertise and their own professional reputations. They are all leaders within our shared profession and we are privileged to work with them. We offer our sincere thanks to them all.

We also want to thank our global community – everyone who has participated in the program, promoted it to their colleagues or joined us through our website or social media. You are the reason the ILN exists at all. Librarianship as a profession is truly remarkable for the generosity with which we share our knowledge with each other. This core principle is the true reason for our success – we built the platform but each of you gave it form. Thank you.

– Kate, Clare and Alyson. 

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  1. Well deserved recognition! What a wonderful programme. I look forward to that time in the fortnight when I can sit down and consider the topic in front of me – and get very annoyed when work pressures mean I don’t always have the time to put as much thought and effort into it as I should. It has a two way benefit – it allows me to hook up with someone from somewhere else and experience their wisdom and it also makes me stop and think why I do what I do. Thank you for your initiative and congratulations.

  2. Surely Congratulations for the three of you upon this international recognition by Library Journal.
    I remember that day we met in Singapore IFLA 2013 the time I joined
    Be Blessed in whatever services you are rendering to the library fraternity.

  3. Best regards to you ladies, your idea helped us in every possible way in librarian challenges around the world. Thank you, god bless you, because the librarian job is blessing too.

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