#welcometomydesk: Agnes Koreny in Budapest, Hungary

Today’s #welcometomydesk comes from Agnes Koreny the ILN Ambassador for Hungary:


This is a photo of my workspace, a beautiful old style office and a desk of a graceful shape. The reason for this is that our headquarters and parts of our central library are situated in an old baroque palace building. (Here you can have a look at our palace building: http://www.fszek.hu/rendezveny/index_choose.html). As you can see, I have two normal diaries (the 3rd one is on Google), two telephones (the 3rd one is in my hands to take the photo with), and lots of papers to sort out. Things I like the most on my desk are the name tags hanging on my desk lamp – all remind me of different travels, conferences, people I met, little memorable pieces of my life. Have a look at my beautiful paper-made flower next to my lamp – this was a present of my son for Mothers’ Day some years ago. Come and see all these in person once!

Agnes Koreny,


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  1. Oh what a beautiful place to work. I really enjoyed my cyber tour of the palace. We have a single meeting room to rent and it is certainly not a ballroom!

  2. It’s a great and very knowledgeable place has been design by you . Really I also come to work that environment.

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