#welcometomydesk – Clare McKenzie from Wollongong, Australia

Clare is one of the ILN Directors and in December last year moved from a large city university to the University of Wollongong which is a smaller institution with a strong regional focus. 

My new desk is in an office I share with two other Managers – which sounds more crowded than it is. The desktop wallpaper was downloaded from a digital exhibition hosted by the National Library of Poland. A significant part of my new job is focussed on managing and making available our digital collections, so it seemed like an appropriate thing to do. The pot plant was a gift from my old workplace when I left there last year and I have a bit of ILN stuff strewn about as well.

Then there’s this lovely outlook. I heard a story that the buildings at UOW have been designed so that you can see trees from every window. It’s a nice thought, even if it turns out to be an urban myth!

I love this office space, it’s calming and inspiring.



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