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Bhakti Gala is an ILN Content Officer based in Gujarat, India.

This is my work space. I am a full time LIS academic. Our university is new and operating from temporary premises. Hence, space is a very demanding issue. We are placed across the library which is also facing similar space crunches.  Our center offers an integrated two year degree program in library and information science. I joined this university five months back, and am still in the settling down process. I moved to a different location for this job, so that involved many changes. My work involves preparing for and taking lectures, guiding students with their dissertations, doing my research, and assisting in administrative duties which have to be conducted as the need arises. My desk is covered with many subject related books, journals and my faithful companion- my laptop which I carry with me wherever I go.   Most of the times, the desk also has a pile of assignments submitted by my students and cataloguing workbooks to be evaluated.  At the end of my daily work routine I like to clean up my desk- every file, every book and every paper in its right place to be found at the right time 🙂

The best part of being an academic is the continuous learning I have to do for preparing for my lectures and research projects. I have students visiting me all the time with their queries. Interacting with them is the key component of my work and seeing students evolve as responsible LIS professionals is the greatest satisfaction I get from teaching. When my alumni students contact me about their new achievements or tell me about the services they have started in their respective libraries, I feel very proud and find justification in my work.


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