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Today’s post comes from Molly Brown, an ILN Content Officer and a User Experience Librarian: Molly Brown DesktopWelcome to my workspace! As part of the User Experience group at Milne Library, I share an office with two wonderful librarians and three great student workers. Our office is a dynamic place and is constantly full of faculty, students and staff who come for assistance, to grab chocolate (because we always have that on hand) or to simply visit.

I use two monitors and I’m fortunate enough to have an iMac as my computer, which I adore (though our IT department doesn’t always like me when we have campus-wide updates, as most of the computers here are PCs). On my desk you will always find:

  • My two favorite photos: one of child soldiers in Darfur and the other of my boyfriend mountain biking in Moab, Utah.
  • My University of Michigan glass that holds all my favorite pens.
  • Diet Coke (the one on my desk today was an extra-large version today)
  • Folders of work for the day ahead – I try not to have too much clutter on my desk, because I think a clean desk allows for a clear mind (that’s how my brain works most efficiently).
  • The ubiquitous post-it notes to remind me of things I would otherwise forget.
  • And Burt’s Bees lip balm!

I’ve also included the bulletin board on the wall behind my desk. On it is a collection of photographs and inspirational messages that travel with me to whatever new job or office I find myself in. The photographs remind me of the wonderful places I’ve been in the world and the poems and quotes rejuvenate me and keep me going when my 8-hour days turn into 12+ hour days. I love my little nook of the library world. Welcome to it!

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