Guest post: Dr. Ljerka Markic Cucukovic Foundation Awards for the Best Students of Librarianship at the University of Zagreb, Croatia


Today’s guest post comes from Dorja Mucnjak the ILN Ambassador for Croatia who shared with us some news of a recent awards ceremony in Croatia for the best students of librarianship: 

cucukovic_photoDr. Ljerka Markic Cucukovic Foundation at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia, announced this years winners of the award for the best students of librarianship. They are Marko Rimac and Domagoj Vocanec who showed excellence in studying and participated in international projects. Each winner will receive a certificate and a sum of 525 EUR.The Foundation Board consists of members of the Cucukovic family, representatives of the Faculty teaching staff and the Croatian Library Association. Dr. Ljerka Markic Cucukovic Foundation was established in 1999 as the only foundation in Croatia that assists students of librarianship. More than forty students have been awarded since then. Awards are delivered each year on the 14th January, the birthday of the late Dr. Ljerka Markic Cucukovic, the first professor of librarianship appointed at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, back in 1976.

We asked our two winners what motivated them to become the best students of librarianship. Here’s what they said:

Marko Rimac: I have to admit that if I take a look at the beginnings of my studies at the Department of Information and Communication Sciences my motivation was gradually developing, simultaneously with the knowledge that I gained from my teachers. Somehow it’s all been a gradual process in which I progressed professionally, and in doing so I’ve always tried to give my best to whatever challenge was in front of me. Not to forget, working with outstanding colleagues, some of them former and, I believe, some of them future winners of the Dr. Ljerka Markic Cucukovic Foundation awards, was a great pleasure. That made me find enough academic motivation to dedicate my professional and personal development to the field of librarianship.

Domagoj Vocanec: In my opinion, what stands out is the love to work. Whether the task is difficult, easy or simply boring, I really enjoy working and making the most out of it, learning the fundamentals of the profession in this process. Also, I want to single out the interest for exploring changes in society and finding ways how to utilize the great potential of libraries in the new environment. Therefore, being fond of working and being able to put your mind to good use, makes an excellent combination for success.

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