That “A-ha” Moment

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 8.54.41 AMOne of the things I love about being a librarian is working with students and sharing in their “a-ha” moments. Whether it is in an instruction session, during a research consultation or at the reference desk, I find it enthralling to witness the dawning of new insights.

I grew up in libraries. My mother is a retired public librarian, and I fondly remember evenings browsing the children’s section of the small, one-room library in our farm community. I lived at the public library everyday after middle school and I spent my lunch hour in high school enjoying the serenity of our school library. No matter where in the world I have been, libraries have felt like home.

We have numerous “a-ha” moments in our lives. My own library “a-ha” moment came years after I had finished college and had played with numerous career choices: working for a non-profit, running my own import business, managing a travel company. Eventually, I became the Evening Supervisor at Amherst College in Massachusetts. As one of the members of the Circulation staff, I was assigned a floor to manage. I had been working there for about two weeks and was shelving books when out of the blue it hit me: this is what I am supposed to do.

Although my path to librarianship was not a straight line, I believe the other paths I wandered down helped me become a more diverse and well-rounded person and librarian. I am so happy I followed the lightening bolt that hit me that day in the stacks. If not for that awakening, I would not have enjoyed the past 13 years of sharing in others’ “a-ha” moments, finding more of my own, and being grateful for each and every one.

Molly Brown, ILN Content Officer

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