Postcard: The Croatian Young Information Professionals Network

Today’s Postcard comes to us from Denis Kos, Intern at  the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Library in Zagreb, Croatia and Technical Convenor of Young Profesionals Section at CIDS (Croatian Information and Documentation Society). Thanks Denis!

The Croatian Young Information Professionals Network (YIPN) is a project of the Croatian Information and Documentation Society that brings together young professionals in the field of information and communication sciences.

YIPN acts as a space for exchange of ideas and knowledge created by young professionals who wish to proactively participate in the information professions.

The Network format stimulates collaborative engagement and establishes a decentralized communicational platform enabling free participation and evading hierarchism. YIPN wishes to encourage communication between young professionals and ignite reflection about professional identities and the responsibilities of the information professional. In this way it strengthens an innovational and transformative potential of its members congruent with the role of information institutions in the society.

The professional agenda of YIPN is to:

  • provide services and organize activities focused on young information professionals,
  • inspire them to be active in their professional life and continual professional development,
  • stimulate their political agency,
  • inform them about networking opportunities and news in the professional community, and
  • promote connectedness, employability and visibility of young information professionals.

Through these goals YIPN wishes to establish a digital culture of networking and collaboration among young professionals based on open involvement and free project proposals.

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