Personal Branding: How to be a Mighty Morphing Brand Power Ranger

Today’s guest post is by the Mighty Unicorn Power Ranger aka Kim Tairi, University Librarian at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. Kim tweets as @kimtairi

Rainbow Unicorn Power Ranger illustration by Kim Tairi

You are in control of the most important brand of all – yourself. Many people don’t like to think of themselves as a brand. They are also reluctant to self-promote, network and talk about how fabulous they are. We need to embrace personal branding. The job market is very competitive and to give yourself the best opportunity to get the job you want and have a sustainable career – you need to take control of your own branding and position yourself in the marketplace.

My suggestion is to think of yourself as a mighty morphing power brand ranger! Each of the power rangers has their own unique set of superpowers like your own awesome librarian skills and knowledge.

Ask yourself what are my mighty morphing librarian superpowers and how am I going to package and communicate those to others. Could you possibly be the sparkly copyright power ranger?

The 3Ps of a Mighty Brand Power Rangers

All Mighty Morphing Brand Power Rangers need to consider the following:


Quite simply who are you professionally? What is your origin story and where do you want to be? Ask yourself what can I do to be in the best position to get my next role.

  • Are there gaps in my skills and knowledge?
  • Leverage the power of the network. Is there a potential mentor in your network who you can help you?
  • What are your unique superpowers?

For example I have the ability to draw quirky things and I am now known for being creative. This skill has been incorporated into my personal brand. You might be an expert on author identifiers!


Visibility is important. Where do you hang out? What professional events to you attend? What committees are you on? Where are your professional allegiances?

Potential employers do notice these things. I highly recommend that you talk about professional things in social media. The Library and Information (LIS) sector definitely needs more people blogging about professional issues. Building a social media presence as part of your brand is a must!


Are you active in your professional association? If not, why? Being part of your professional association is an important way of participating and contributing to the profession and your own development. It is an opportunity to network and make powerful connections.

If you are not active in your professional association, there are many groups aligned to our profession, where you can make a difference. Your information skills and knowledge are valuable assets.

As you build your 3Ps: position, presence, and participation make sure you update your resume (regularly) and if like me, you have linkedin profile update that too.

All the best in building your mighty morphing power brand!


The Mighty Rainbow Unicorn Power Ranger

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