Postcard: Visualising Deakin University historical collections

Today’s postcard comes to us from Josephine Le Clerc from Deakin University Library in Melbourne, Australia: 

At Deakin University’s Waterfront Campus library we are showcasing and revitalizing our historic collections in engaging and interactive ways. Images from classic Australian fairy tale books held in our special collections were digitised and brought to life through animation on The Verge, our interactive touch screen display. These beautiful images were reawakened by showcasing them on the digital screens and adding subtle animations to draw attention to details that our visitors may not have seen before. See how our multimedia specialist brought life, magic and whimsy to these beautiful pieces and made them visible to all in this presentation, Sparking true imagination in a digital environment.

Photo: 'Color In Verge' CC-BY-NC-ND by Deakin University Library

More recently students and visitors to the library are using the touch screens to interact and “colour in” digitised images from a 1940s Jungle Life Crayon Colouring Book, once locked away in our special collection archives. Lots of students are already using the digital crayons to “colour in”. The results are impressive!

Image: 'Colour In' CC-BY-NC-ND by Deakin University Library

Image: ‘Colour In’ CC-BY-NC-ND by Deakin University Library

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