LIS Education: through time and space

While doing some research for this discussion topic, I came across this very comprehensive look at the development of LIS education around the world. Presented as a slideshow, this takes quite some time to read from start to finish, but even a quick flick through it shows a wide variety of ways to become a qualified librarian. It is worth sharing just to acknowledge the huge amount of research that must have gone into creating this!

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  1. Good info but the collection doesn’t give a true picture of LIS education in Africa. Other than the very few mentioned, Africa is currently a hot bed of LIS educational institutions. Kenya, my country, for example has more than 200 institutions of learning that offer the same. Moi university, Technical University of Kenya, Kenyatta University, Eldoret Polytechnic, University of Nairobi, et al all have schools of Information Sciences.
    So as much as we are making our contributions, let us base them on facts and see all of us from the globe as equal partners capable of building the profession with the same energies, passion and dedication.
    We may be unequal in terms of resources but that does not mean we are no where, heading no where. There is MUCH in Africa!!

    • Hi Zacharia, thanks so much for chiming in with a more complete picture of LIS education in Africa. We get a sense of that from the numbers of participants we get in our program and the energetic and committed ILN Ambassadors we have from African countries. We’d be really interested in hearing more about libraries and LIS education in Africa if you’d like to write a guest post for us? Email us at contact [at] – Clare

      • Thanks for the appreciation and I welcome it Clare. I will be doing a piece soon that will vividly capture where I sit; Kenya, also greatly reflecting the African state of affairs in LIS

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