Getting to know you and your #librariancommute

Commute by Kevin Utting. Used with permission under CC BY 2.0

Commute by Kevin Utting. Used with permission under CC BY 2.0

We are very excited to be getting another round of the ILN underway this week and welcome all of our participants to the program. A special shout out to all our returning participants, we love that you love the program enough to come back for your second, third, fourth or even fifth round. If you are participating, then by now you will have received an email with some suggestions for ways to get your ILN partnership started.

This round we have 860 participants from 84 countries including 11 new countries: Albania, Algeria, Barbados, Fiji, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Namibia, Nepal, Saint Lucia and Venezuala.

If social media is anything to go by, our participants are excited to begin their partnerships. However we know that many of our participants are likely to be unsure how to start building their new relationship so the first discussion topic is all about getting to know one another. We recommend that for the next two weeks participants talk about:

Getting to work each day

What is involved with getting to work (or study) each day? Do you walk, drive, catch public transport or work from a home office?

Getting to the office is often just part of our daily routine, but it can also be interesting, funny, sad or picturesque. We would like to encourage you to send your partner a photo or story of your daily commute to work. This is a great way to break the ice and learn a little about each other.

It might be a photo of something you pass every day on your way to work, or it could be a story about something that happened to you on your way home last week.

To help get this started, we will be sharing photos and stories of our commutes on the ILN blog over the next week or two. If you would like us to showcase your commute – please email us or share your photo on Facebook or Twitter and tag us with #interlibnet and #librariancommute


What do you do?

Think about information like where you work, and what your role involves on a daily basis. What are the issues that face your library, and other libraries in your country? Remember that people in other countries might have a different understanding of job titles and jargon.

What is your career path?

How did you get where you are today? Where are your hoping to go in your career?

Your ILN Partnership

What are your hopes and expectations for the new partnership?

How often would you like to be in contact, and what is the most convenient method for you? What inspired you to join the ILN program and what do you hope to get out of it?

We recommend you are in contact once a week (and a minimum of once a fortnight) to give your partnership the best chance to flourish. We also encourage you to try multiple communication methods, consider going beyond email to include social media tools or even Skype/video chats.

Have you participated in the ILN before?

We do have a number of returning ILN partners this time. If you have gone through another round, what do you want to do differently this time?

Don’t forget to also join our open discussion forums

We will also be posting each of our discussion topics here on the blog and we strongly encourage our participants and the wider international library community to participate in open discussions right here and on Facebook and Twitter. Comments are welcome from anyone – you don’t have to be in the program to join in the discussion.

As always, if you have any questions about the ILN or about your partnership please contact us.

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