The Productive Librarian: When Things Don’t Get Done

Photo: 'Time Lost' by Matt Gibson CC-BY-NC 2.0

Photo: ‘Time Lost’ by Matt Gibson CC-BY-NC 2.0

We’ve been busy as bees here at ILN headquarters. We’ve got lots to do to launch Round 2015A in the next few days and we have been working on some exciting new developments behind the scenes (which we promise we will announce soon). We also all have full-time day jobs and families we like to see occasionally, so when we found the blog ‘The Productive Librarian’ we could immediately relate. The Productive Librarian is a project of Library Director Jess from North Carolina in the US. She wanted to know how other librarians are using their time and what methods they are using in order to ensure they are being productive as well as share her findings with the library community. The blog features interviews with productive librarians from around the US as well as reviews of different productivity tools such as Wunderlist.

One particular post that caught our attention was a piece about those days when things don’t get done. We can all relate to those days when things seem to be away from you, so reading about Jess’ attempts to embrace those days as a part of a broader productivity strategy was refreshing: 

A few weeks ago, I wrote about embracing non-productive days as a step in keeping productivity resolutions.  Now, I must confess: it is easy to write about doing that, but I have difficulty with it in real life.

Fellow librarians, I must admit that I didn’t get everything done this week.  In fact, there was quite a bit on my list that didn’t get accomplished.  And rather than beat myself up over it, I am telling you about it.

It was one of those weeks that was jam-packed.  There was a major event earlier in the week that involved donors, alumni, and the donning of academic robes. There was a lecture series.  There was a small upset with my staff that took up a significant amount of time. There was a faculty meeting that took much longer than expected. Today is the Board of Trustees meeting where I will be presenting on the library’s progress since October.  And all of this took place on top the usual library functions and classes.  How can I feel unproductive after a week with so much going on?  Because there is still so much on my list that hasn’t been accomplished.

Find out what Jess did about those unproductive feelings over at The Productive Librarian.

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