Snapshot of applications for the latest round of the ILN – Only 3 days left to apply!

Encyclopedia pages showing world flags CC by Horia Valan

Encyclopedia pages showing world flags CC by Horia Valan

We are excited to see that once again we’ve had an ENORMOUS response to our call for applications for the next round of the International Librarians Network.  We’ve already had over 700 applications from more than 68 different countries in five continents – from Afghanistan to Zambia!

We are pleased to see  participants from countries joining us for the first time  such as Greenland,  French Guyana and Bhutan and we are as always thrilled to welcome back our returning participants from all over the globe.

Running the ILN is a wonderful opportunity for us to learn more about the multitude of places our participants come from. Each time we see a new country appear in our list of participants, we enjoy looking it up and learning something about that part of the world. For example we’ve learnt that:

  • Greenland is the world’s largest island and the least densely populated country in the world
  • French Guyana (Guiana) is located in South America but it is actually the largest overseas region of France and as such, is part of the Eurozone and uses the Euro as currency.
  • We’ve been blown away by how beautiful Bhutan is and we’ve enjoyed hearing about it first hand from our new Country Coordinator for Bhutan Sonam Wangdi


Just think of all of the interesting things you could learn as a part of the ILN community!

If you have thought about applying for the next round of the ILN now is the time!

Applications close at midnight on Sunday 15thFebruary 2015

Find out more about the way the program works,  who can apply and then apply online today

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