Presenting: it’s all about the audience

LT- Presentations - Audience participation by Matt Cornock CC BY-NC 2.0

LT- Presentations – Audience participation by Matt Cornock CC BY-NC 2.0

The idea for this post was triggered by two things. First, I’m in the middle of finalising, with my co-presenters, two presentations for the ALIA Information Online conference. One of these presentations is about the ILN, the other about a project at my place of (paid) work.

The second was a post I read recently from The Wikiman about the idea of having different versions of a presentation for the different audiences that will view it. Essentially, that if you are going to put a version of the presentation in an online environment (we use Slideshare), it may have to be slightly different to the version that was presented at the live conference or event.

This of course makes sense – particularly with the kinds of presentation slides we favour here at the ILN. Our slides are usually visual rather than text heavy. A great photo to illustrate your point can draw an appreciative gasp from an audience in a live environment where you are adding the context with your words. However, the same photo quickly becomes meaningless in an online environment unless you have also uploaded the text or powerpoint notes, or perhaps added some text to the slide that wasn’t there for the live version. It has given me much to think about and I will pay more attention in future to the slides that I put up to Slideshare (or ensure that I include the notes when uploading the presentatation).

There is a lot of information available on developing the perfect presentation and how to avoid death by powerpoint, but I do recommend spending 15 minutes watching this entertaining presentation from David Phillips at a TEDx event in Stockholm in 2014.


Clare McKenzie

ILN Program Coordinator

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  1. I was there and saw your presentation. Great work 🙂 You did a great job. This network is such a good idea and the way it was developed is fantastic. Congratulations on your presentation and the success of the network 🙂

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