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dfaj logoDFAJ is the first directory of free online scholarly full text journals published in the Arab world, the idea of creating it was aroused as a result of a MLIS study findings of Ghadeer M. Abdel wahhab (from Alexandria, Egypt), on the electronic journals as she  found a lot of valuable Arab scholarly journals issued online by Arab universities, colleges, and scientific institutes and organizations for free and on the other hand there wasn’t any comprehensive directory to collect, and make them known. Then, she  decided to start up the initiative and create the directory.

DFAJ  collects journals issued in Arabic, English, and French languages in all branches of human knowledge. Now it contains 191 journals, from 115 publishers who represent 15 Arab countries and Ghadeer is  working now to add more than 100 new titles soon.

The records in DFAJ contain the following fields:

  • the title of the journal
  • the publisher who is responsible for publishing the journal
  • name of the country of publication
  • the frequency of publishing
  • the ISSN number of the journal (The electronic ISSN is also available if the journal has one)
  • the subject of the journal
  • the language(s) of the full text articles and abstracts
  • reviewing & refereeing policies

Enjoy your  visit to DFAJ at the following link :

DFAJ are also on Facebook and Twitter

[Dr. Amany z. El Ramady is the ILN Country Coordinator for Egypt]

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