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lisasdeskI am Lisa Miller and have recently joined the team ILN team as the social media co-ordinator – a role I am still working my way into. Unlike the Program Co-ordinators I live on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
My desk was unusually clear when I took this photo. The green butterfly on my monitor was printed on a 3D RepRap printer we had as a demonstration unit during a Techno Expo a few years ago, the bird came with a gift from a colleague and the cat is from Kuching (Borneo. Kuching is the capital of Sarawak and also means ‘cat’). Dual monitors are there so I can make changes in a program on one screen and check the results on the other – handy when I am making changes to the website/catalogue etc. or just jumping between reading emails and all the other things that come across my path. The wallpaper on the right screen is a sunset photo taken when I was camping earlier this year at Somerset Dam, Queensland. There are a couple of ‘stress balls’ under the monitors – one in the shape of a brain and another in the shape of a person (why do they make them this shape??) and also a raffle ticket for the social club raffle. The prize next week is a juke box. I’m planning on winning it and loading it with songs that will make the remaining kids want to leave home.


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