Postcard: King Edward VI School LIbrary

Today’s postcard comes to us from one of our community members, Lesley Watts. Thanks Lesley! I am School Librarian at King Edward VI School. Here is a picture I took this morning of my previous library. It is the Guildhall at King Edward VI School in Stratford upon Avon where William Shakespeare went to school. […]

Different libraries around the world: mobile library

Mobile libraries occupy an interesting niche in the library world. Usually offering similar (though often smaller scale) services as a public library (though mobile school and special libraries do exist too) – mobile libraries are defined by their clients. If a community is unable to go to the library, mobile libraries exist to bring the […]

Different libraries around the world: school library

Up next in our series are school libraries… Whilst school libraries differ in form and even function around the world, they share a crucial core mission to equip students with life-long learning skills, a love of information, knowledge and reading and prepare them for the information and knowledge driven world in which we live. UNESCO […]