Reflections with Phil Segall

2016 has been a year of firsts for me: I changed jobs and have enjoyed my first year working at the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). This has been my first experience of commuting into London on a daily basis – a transition which has been something of a shock to the system, I have […]

Postcard: The Nigerian Stock Exchange Library, Lagos, Nigeria.

Today’s postcard comes from Olugbenga Charles Oke, the Coordinator, Library Services at The Nigerian Stock Exchange, Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you for sharing your Library!   The Nigerian Stock Exchange services the largest economy in Africa and is championing the development of Africa’s financial markets. The NSE, a registered company limited by guarantee, was founded in 1960 and […]

Librarian as Teacher: Information literacy in special libraries, or, how to secretly teach people things

When I was in library school I learned that information literacy is something that is taught in classes and seminars, by professional librarians to small or large groups of clients. While the content of information literacy training varied, what was made clear in the model I was presented with was that a client knew when […]

Different libraries around the world: special library

To continue our exploration of different types of libraries, we’re going to look now at special libraries. Special library is a broad term that in practice gathers up all the libraries that don’t fit into other categories. They are not public or national libraries, and they’re not school or university libraries. The term usually refers […]