Singapore Memory Project

The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) is a nation-wide project run by the National Library Board of Singapore,  aiming to  document memories from across the country. They’ve built a website to allow Singaporeans to create an account and deposit their memories and stories into the collection. The project then creates linkages, connecting contributors with shared memories and […]

Library spaces we love: library@chinatown

Today’s post comes to us from Clare McKenzie, one of the ILN Program Coordinators. One of the highlights of my trip to the WLIC2013 in Singapore was the opportunity to look at some of the local libraries. The visit that has stayed with me the longest, and raised the most questions for me was the […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Clare McKenzie

Clare McKenzie (ILN Program Coordinator) in Sydney, Australia 2013 was actually quite a good year for me professionally and it’s been interesting to reflect on that over the past week as things have slowed down a little at work. The highlight was the trip to Singapore for the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in […]

IFLA Camp2: An example of an unconference

While we were in Singapore for the IFLA World Library and Information Conference, we attended IFLA Camp2, an unconference run by the IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group. For those of you unfamiliar with the format, an unconference is a twist on a traditional conference. Instead of conference delegates forming a relatively passive audience attending […]

Meeting our network

Singapore and the World Library and Information Congress seems a long time ago now, but at the ILN we have continued to reflect on our experience and now that Round 1 is underway, we’ve even started to find time to write about it! One of the most rewarding parts of the trip was the opportunity […]

ILN at IFLA : Our Poster

Several of the ILN team spent last week in Singapore attending the IFLA World Library and Information Congress  and IFLA Camp2. It was an extraordinary week filled with interesting sessions, meetings and events but most importantly heaps of networking with library and information professionals from around the world. At the IFLA WLIC we showed a […]

We’re here! An update from IFLA WLIC2013

We’ve been to IFLAcamp, done some sightseeing, drunk lots of tea and after a dramatic opening ceremony, we are in WLIC2013 proper. It’s been a huge experience so far, we’ve met lots of new people, caught up with a few old friends, managed to get lost a couple of times, learned to ride the MRT […]

ILN is heading to Singapore for the IFLA WLIC

This August, our program coordinators, Alyson, Clare and Kate, are packing up and jetting to Singapore for the IFLA World Library and Information Congress. We  are there to present a conference poster reviewing our pilot program but we will also be promoting the next round of the ILN program which kicks off in September. During […]