Words Empower – Libraries as Avenues for Students to Publish

Today’s article comes to us from Rene deBerardinis, Director of Libraries at the Springside Chestnut Hill Academy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Thank you Rene, for sharing with us the exciting work your library and students are doing! Words empower. Authentic audiences engage. Publishing student work – to authentic audiences – can be motivational and aspirational for many […]

Postcard from Shanghai

Today’s postcard comes to us from Elenor Chen, Teacher Librarian from the YK Pao Primary Library in Shanghai who shares the amazing work she and the other librarians there are doing for the children of their community. It is very exciting and we hope you enjoy! Greetings from YK Pao Primary Library in Shanghai! We are […]

Library spaces: Maker spaces

This post was inspired by an article on the Impact of Social Sciences blog about the role of maker spaces in academic libraries. The article looked at a ‘pop up’ maker space at the University of Sussex library. Maker spaces can really be whatever you want them to be – as long as they allow […]

The year in my library: Michelle De Aizpurua

The following guest post is from the newly-appointed ILN Content Officer Michelle De Aizpurua. Michelle lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.  The year of 2015 has been full of change. I started working at a new high school library in January, which provided many great learning experiences and a new team of library staff to […]

Postcard: VIS School Library in Al Wakrah, Qatar

Today’s postcard comes from Sandra Brandt who is doing a Library Internship at VIS School Library in Al Wakrah, Qatar. Thanks Sandra! Greetings from VIS school library in Al Wakrah, Qatar.  The school has pupils from a variety of countries, with the majority from Qatar. The school was purpose built, with a gorgeous library space included in […]

Diverse communities: library services

What services does your library offer to cater for a diverse community? Maybe you would like to consider the library you use rather than the one you work for. Much of the written work on diverse communities is focused on the public library sector and this probably reflects the wide range of services that public libraries […]

Gaming & Libraries: A Canadian Perspective

The Canadian perspective on games and libraries comes to us from Christine F. Smith, ILN Country Ambassador for Canada. Games have existed as cultural artefacts for much time, and in recent years, we have seen games and gaming join our paperbacks and story times in library programs and services around the world. Gaming can been […]

Different libraries around the world: school library

Up next in our series are school libraries… Whilst school libraries differ in form and even function around the world, they share a crucial core mission to equip students with life-long learning skills, a love of information, knowledge and reading and prepare them for the information and knowledge driven world in which we live. UNESCO […]