The Lang Library: A priceless treasure

The Lang Library, is one of the oldest public libraries in western India. It was established in the year 1856 in Rajkot, a city in the present-day state of Gujarat. The library has undergone many changes in its nomenclature, and is currently called as Arvindbhai Maniyar Library. It was set up in the memory of […]

Postcard: the new library at Rockdale, Australia

Today’s post comes to us from Paula Pfoeffer. I am the Coordinator Library Services here at the newly formed Bayside Council and am lucky enough to work in the brand new Rockdale Library. We opened to much fanfare on July 30 this year with other 3,000 people coming through our doors on our first day. […]

Library surprises: When is a Surprise not a surprise?

In looking around for things to write about in this library surprises introduction topic, I found that there’s a city in Arizona, USA called Surprise, with the Surprise Regional Library one of the County public libraries. Digging a bit deeper, I found a group called the Friends of the Surprise Libraries who raise both awareness of and funds  for […]

Advocacy and lobbying: update on Rockdale City Library

Almost two years ago exactly, we brought you a story of library lobbying in action in the case of Rockdale City Library here in Sydney. Here’s a brief extract from that blog post: In February 2013, ALIA, (the Australian Library and Information Association) put out a call to arms to librarians and library supporters in Sydney. […]

Postcard: Westport, New Zealand

Today’s postcard comes from Clenda Wockner, Library Manager with Buller District Council in New Zealand. I live and work in Westport – a beautiful small town on the West Coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The magnificent Paparoa Ranges form the backdrop to the main street and the Buller River meets the sea […]

Library spaces: Maker spaces

This post was inspired by an article on the Impact of Social Sciences blog about the role of maker spaces in academic libraries. The article looked at a ‘pop up’ maker space at the University of Sussex library. Maker spaces can really be whatever you want them to be – as long as they allow […]

Diverse communities: library spaces

Inevitably when writing a series of articles about libraries and diverse communities, some of the posts will overlap a little and there were many occasions when an interesting link or story about a library could have fitted into more than one category. While many uses of library space are directly related to services offered by the […]

Diverse communities: library services

What services does your library offer to cater for a diverse community? Maybe you would like to consider the library you use rather than the one you work for. Much of the written work on diverse communities is focused on the public library sector and this probably reflects the wide range of services that public libraries […]