2014 Library Resolutions: Rozita Petrinska-Labudovikj

Rozita Petrinska-Labudovikj, Macedonia Country Coordinator for the ILN   What is one new thing you want to START doing in 2014? – In December 2013 I defended my Master’s thesis in project management, so this year I would like to publish an article about project management in libraries in an important international periodical.   What is one thing you want […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Eva Hornung

Dr. Eva Hornung, Ireland Country Coordinator for the ILN What is one new thing you want to START doing in 2014? One of the pressing issues here in the library is the preservation of “corporate memory”. We have quite a unique collection of historical documents relating to innovative curriculum projects in the post-primary education sector […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Winny Neseka Akullo

Winny Neseka Akullo, Uganda Country Coordinator for the ILN 1. What is one new thing you want to start doing in 2014? I got a new job this year implying a new challenge for me. Therefore, this year I am looking forward to working with my new colleagues,  understanding more on what the new institution does […]

2014 Library Resolutions: David N. Ofili

David N. Ofili from Benin City, Nigeria 1. What is one new thing you want to start doing in 2014?  I want to read my mails as soon as I receive them, or a short period after, in very busy cases. 2. What is one thing you want to try doing differently in 2014? I […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Regina Renee

Regina Renee, this post originally appeared on Regina’s blog A Friendly Journey.  As part of the International Librarians Network, I participate in monthly discussions online, and with my partner who works in promotion at a public library in Poland. For January 2014 the ILN discussion topic is all about Library New Years’ Resolutions. The questions are based on […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Karen du Toit

Karen du Toit, from Johannesburg, South Africa.  Today’s post was originally posted over at Karen’s blog, Karen’s mobile 23 things.   The International Librarians Network suggested a New Year’s resolution as point of discussion for the ILN network partners in the monthly discussions. 1. What is one new thing you want to start doing in 2014? I […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Tegan Darnell

Tegan Darnell in Toowoomba, Australia We have committed to “kill some sacred cows” and start afresh this year. Some examples of the biggest changes are: Completely ditching the structured generic Finding information face-to face classes and running on the spot open presentations within the library space on point-of-need issues requested by patrons Previously we have […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Alyson Dalby

Alyson Dalby, ILN Program Coordinator. Sydney, Australia My 2013 has been crazy, a whole year of professional firsts and achievements. My challenge for 2014 is to take some time to reinforce some of the things I learned, rather than jumping quickly to more shiny new things. So you’ll see that my list below is about […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Clare McKenzie

Clare McKenzie (ILN Program Coordinator) in Sydney, Australia 2013 was actually quite a good year for me professionally and it’s been interesting to reflect on that over the past week as things have slowed down a little at work. The highlight was the trip to Singapore for the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in […]

Monthly Discussion: Management (part 2)

To continue our discussion around management this month, we’d like to examine the idea that management happens in multiple directions. That is, management happens down (managers manage their staff), sideways (team members manage the rest of their team), upwards (individuals manage their managers) and outward (managing library volunteers). Are you, or have you ever been, […]