Games and libraries: gamification

Gamification is loosely, the adding of game like qualities to everyday activities to help engage users and provide some motivation to complete them. The most common application of this in the library context is probably gamification of information literacy (there’s even a Pinterest board dedicated to this) or gamifying orientation to your library. What other applications are there? What about […]

2015 year of learning and development

We found this great post  about Woodsiegirl’s 2015 year of learning and development over at the blog Organising Chaos – we thought it was a great approach for thinking about how to start anew with your professional development  so we wanted to share it with you:     Gosh, didn’t 2014 go quickly! That’s my […]

Presenting: it’s all about the audience

The idea for this post was triggered by two things. First, I’m in the middle of finalising, with my co-presenters, two presentations for the ALIA Information Online conference. One of these presentations is about the ILN, the other about a project at my place of (paid) work. The second was a post I read recently […]

Calling for country coordinators

We are getting ready for the next round of the ILN program, due to start in March 2015 and while we are always happy to receive applications for country coordinators, we are currently actively recruiting. Our country coordinators are volunteers like the rest of the ILN team, so they do come and go from the position […]

Conferences and events: conference shopping

Conference shopping is the idea of looking for a professional (or other) conference to suit a particular need rather than attending a conference because work is attending or it is your local conference. You might have a new and innovative idea you want to share with a new audience, you might be applying for a […]

ILN Twitter Chat tomorrow!

Join the ILN for the next ILN Twitter chat tomorrow! The topic for this chat is Conferences and Events Tuesday 4 November 8:00-9:00 pm AEST (GMC +10) To participate just sign into Twitter at the scheduled time and follow us @interlibnet and use the hashtag #interlibnet Please note: All times and dates listed here are […]

Discussion topic: professional writing

For our next discussion topic we’re going to look at professional writing: what it is, how it’s changed, and what opportunities there are for our participants. What is professional writing? There is no one answer to this question. Different people and organisations have different ideas  of where the boundaries are between professional and non-professional writing. […]