Destruction and digital preservation

Throughout history, and in contemporary society, Libraries have always been depositories of society’s ideas. They are a beacon of democracy and social justice, providing equality for all people to access information. It is not surprising then, that many libraries have been deliberately destroyed as a form of ‘cultural cleansing’ – in an attempt by particular […]

Guest post: Preservation of cultural materials

Today’s post comes from Richard Weinstein, a member of the ILN community and was triggered by images of the destruction of cultural artifacts including libraries in some of the war torn parts of the world – particularly Syria. Unfortunately, civil wars are a regular part of life in the world and innocent bystanders leaving their […]


The iGLAM Lab is a laboratory for innovation in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums and is a part of the National Institute for Experimental Arts at UNSW Australia. iGLAM is a research group that works at the intersection of emerging technology and cultural heritage. They seek to use cutting edge technology to create extraordinary immersive […]

Postcard from Turkey: Digitization of sources from the Ottomon Era

Today’s postcard comes from Selçuk Aydin, Specialist Librarian and Project Coordinator at the Atatürk Library in Instanbul. Selçuk wanted to tell us about a current project to digitise historic material held in the Library. History The Foundation of Ataturk Library the first local government library of Turkey, dates back to the early days of the Republic Of […]