The NLS8 Experience

Over the weekend of June 23-25 I was lucky enough to be able to attend the ALIA New Librarians’ Symposium 8 in Canberra. It was not only a great opportunity to attend workshops and sessions to build my knowledge on all things library related, but also to network and build connections with other new and […]

Management and leadership: professional leadership

Even if you are not a manager or in a management position within your library, there are numerous ways in which you can still be a professional leader. For an individual, becoming involved in leadership activities with library organizations allows you to connect with others in our profession; it opens the door for amazing opportunities; […]

LIS Education: Michelle De Aizpurua

Today’s post comes from a member of our ILN community, Michelle De Aizpurua, who has recently graduated with her LIS qualification from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.   After finishing my law degree and realising I didn’t want to practice, I was lucky enough to discover the library world. I completed a post-graduate diploma in […]

Discussion Topic: Conferences and Events

Conferences and events offer great opportunities for professional development. They provide valuable opportunities to meet new colleagues, and catch up with others you might not get to see very often. Whilst programs of talks, papers, posters and panels can be a great chance to hear about what others in the industry are working on and […]

Volunteer with us: call for Country Ambassadors

Have you been a participant in the ILN Program? Do you want to extend your international network further and help us at the same time? How about joining us as an ILN Country Ambassador? Country Ambassadors (CA) are our volunteers on the ground around the world. We currently have a lively and active community of CAs […]

Changing our view of the world

Here at the ILN, our program is all about helping we library and information professionals to expand our view of the world, one peer mentoring partnership at a time. At the end of a long week, browsing through my favourite sites, I came across this and it just seemed to fit. Happy Friday everyone!

Guest post: ENLID

Today we have a guest post from Asmaa Hussein  Mohamed from Alexandria University in Egypt, describing a local library network. Egyptian network  of Library & Information Science departments (ENLID ) The Egyptian network of library and information science  departments (ENLID)  is a  volunteering work established  by post-graduate students of Alexandria University library and information science  department […]