Postcard: Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia

Today’s postcard was sent to us by Mónica Alejandra Torres González from Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia, Grupo Colecciones y Servicios. Thanks Mónica! This library has 240 years. It was founded on January 9th of 1777. His actual building (that appears in the images) was founded on July 20th of 1938. In this building began the TV in Colombia. […]

Postcard: National Library of Kosovo

Today’s post comes to us from Zaide Krapi. Thank you Zaide! When knowledge and creativity collide In the middle of Pristina, the capital city of Kosovo, the National Library of Kosovo is located surrounded by Campus of the University of Prishtina, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Academy of Arts, and the Gallery of […]

Library spaces we love: The National Library of China

Today’s post come from ILN’s Country Coordinator for China, Dave Lyons. National Geographic recently featured a great photo of the National Library in Beijing. Why do you like this library and what are some of your favourite features? It’s a nice space – I actually shot a quick video with my phone there (hence the poor sound quality, plus […]