Reflection: A Year in review – Clare McKenzie

My ILN ‘year in review’ coincides nicely with the end of my first year working at the University of Wollongong Library. The beginning of December is my anniversary of coming here to work and it’s a good time to look back over 2016, both personally and professionally. Personally it’s been both rewarding and challenging. My […]

Management and leadership: development opportunities

Opportunities for librarians to develop leadership and management skills are offered by multiple organizations and associations. Library Leadership and Management Association (LLAMA), a division of American Library Association, hosts a series of webinars, resources and publications. The Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians at Harvard University offers intensive short duration programs such as Library leadership in […]

Management and leadership: style frameworks

There are a multitude of leadership and management frameworks that provide guidelines for managers to follow. Each of these models is different and created within a different context, because there are so many distinct types of professions. Each business has a particular structure, with their own vision and goals, and so specific frameworks will suit each […]

Monthly Discussion: Management (part 2)

To continue our discussion around management this month, we’d like to examine the idea that management happens in multiple directions. That is, management happens down (managers manage their staff), sideways (team members manage the rest of their team), upwards (individuals manage their managers) and outward (managing library volunteers). Are you, or have you ever been, […]

Monthly Discussion: Management (Part 1)

This month we are taking a topic suggestion from one of our ILN participants, and it’s a subject that affects us all: management. Management comes from all sides; from the bottom up, from the top down and even sideways. We all have or have had managers, team leaders, supervisors, directors, shift leaders plus we have […]