Libraries and the Repair Movement

The ILN has recently discussed technological obsolescence and how this ties in with digital preservation. Another vein of this discussion is that of planned obsolescence. Planned obsolescence is where companies build-in a limited lifespan for their products. There is an excellent documentary on this topic called ‘The Light-bulb Conspiracy‘. While this documentary looks at many […]

Library spaces: Maker spaces

This post was inspired by an article on the Impact of Social Sciences blog about the role of maker spaces in academic libraries. The article looked at a ‘pop up’ maker space at the University of Sussex library. Maker spaces can really be whatever you want them to be – as long as they allow […]

GLAM: Daniel Green talks Makers and Museums

When people ask me to talk about “The Maker Movement”, one of the first things I usually say is that it doesn’t exist. This might sound a little awkward, considering I’ve been coordinating and producing the Sydney Mini Maker Faire at the Powerhouse Museum (now the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences) since 2013, but […]