Advocacy and Lobbying: working in Kosovo

              In January of 2007, I had the opportunity, through a grant from the United States government, to travel with a group of librarians from the U.S. to Pristina, Kosovo to assist in the establishment of the University Library. This was during the time when Kosovo was still not […]

Advocacy and lobbying: update on Rockdale City Library

Almost two years ago exactly, we brought you a story of library lobbying in action in the case of Rockdale City Library here in Sydney. Here’s a brief extract from that blog post: In February 2013, ALIA, (the Australian Library and Information Association) put out a call to arms to librarians and library supporters in Sydney. […]

Discussion topic: Advocacy and lobbying

Libraries, like many other cultural institutions often find it difficult to ‘prove our worth’ in a traditional economic sense and we invariably find ourselves falling back on anecdotal evidence and strong narrative to tell the story of our value to our communities. Advocating for our libraries has become an essential skill across all library sectors and […]

Library Advocacy & Lobbying: Libraries as advocates (International)

You may have noticed libraries as advocates in the news this May through this story: More than 90 library, archive and research institutions from countries across the European Union and internationally, representing over 650,000 information professionals, have joined together in a letter asking the European Union to engage constructively in text-based discussions at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) on […]

Library Advocacy & Lobbying: Cycling for Libraries (International)

  Cycling for Libraries is an interesting addition to this list as it is equal parts professional development for librarians and advocacy for libraries: Founded in 2011, the Cycling for libraries is an international cycling conference for librarians and library lovers. It aims to advocate libraries and increase awareness of the valuable services and resources that […]