Libraries as Place: Is LIS education and research ignoring the idea of library as place?

Our next discussion topic is guest hosted by the Queensland University of Technology Information Studies Group with the team exploring the the topic of libraries as place.  Today’s post comes from Dr Kate Davis: I read an interesting article recently that I wanted to share. The article Falling short of their profession’s needs looks at […]

Guest post: Dr. Ljerka Markic Cucukovic Foundation Awards for the Best Students of Librarianship at the University of Zagreb, Croatia

  Today’s guest post comes from Dorja Mucnjak the ILN Ambassador for Croatia who shared with us some news of a recent awards ceremony in Croatia for the best students of librarianship:  Dr. Ljerka Markic Cucukovic Foundation at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia, announced this years winners of the award […]

LIS Education: Library Schools old and new

We know from history that librarianship has been around for many hundreds of years. Today we are taking a look at a couple of library schools that are having birthdays this year and highlighting some old and new LIS programs. Celebrating 100 years of LIS Education in 2015 is the Faculty of Library and Information Science at […]

LIS Education: Michelle De Aizpurua

Today’s post comes from a member of our ILN community, Michelle De Aizpurua, who has recently graduated with her LIS qualification from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.   After finishing my law degree and realising I didn’t want to practice, I was lucky enough to discover the library world. I completed a post-graduate diploma in […]

LIS Education: through time and space

While doing some research for this discussion topic, I came across this very comprehensive look at the development of LIS education around the world. Presented as a slideshow, this takes quite some time to read from start to finish, but even a quick flick through it shows a wide variety of ways to become a qualified […]

Discussion topic: What I wish I’d learned in library school (or: What’s the story with LIS Education?)

What I wish I’d learned in library school. Is there a topic closer to librarians’ hearts? However, it’s not unique to librarians – ask any professional in any job from journalism to veterinary science and you will find most have something to say about the value of on-the-job learning over theoretical training. The way you become […]

Share your LIS education stories with us

We’re busy behind the scenes here at the ILN getting ready to launch the next round of the program in a week’s time. Coming up during the next round will be a discussion topic on Library and Information Science (LIS) education and we’d really love to hear stories from some current students or very recent […]

Guest post: ENLID

Today we have a guest post from Asmaa Hussein  Mohamed from Alexandria University in Egypt, describing a local library network. Egyptian network  of Library & Information Science departments (ENLID ) The Egyptian network of library and information science  departments (ENLID)  is a  volunteering work established  by post-graduate students of Alexandria University library and information science  department […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Clare McKenzie

Clare McKenzie (ILN Program Coordinator) in Sydney, Australia 2013 was actually quite a good year for me professionally and it’s been interesting to reflect on that over the past week as things have slowed down a little at work. The highlight was the trip to Singapore for the IFLA World Library and Information Congress in […]