LIS Education: What’s next?

Ensuring professional training is up to date and relevant is crucial for any profession and we’ve looked at a few aspects of this over the past 2 weeks. There have been lots of studies, trend reports and predictions about the future of LIS education and we’ve rounded up a few recent ones here: In 2013, […]

LIS Education: who decides on quality and standards?

How do you decide what’s a good LIS program? How do the many, many library schools out there ensure they are teaching the right things to their students? If you wanted to run your own library school program, where would you even start? There are IFLA guidelines for professional library programs that cover core elements, curriculum […]

LIS Education: Library Schools old and new

We know from history that librarianship has been around for many hundreds of years. Today we are taking a look at a couple of library schools that are having birthdays this year and highlighting some old and new LIS programs. Celebrating 100 years of LIS Education in 2015 is the Faculty of Library and Information Science at […]

LIS Education: Twitter chat storified

Because the twitter chat was held at 4am Sydney time, I’m really grateful to our wonderful South African Country Ambassador Karen du Toit for hosting it for us. Looking back over the tweets the next day was exciting – it was great to see so many people engaged with the topic. I’ve captured them on […]

LIS Education: Michelle De Aizpurua

Today’s post comes from a member of our ILN community, Michelle De Aizpurua, who has recently graduated with her LIS qualification from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.   After finishing my law degree and realising I didn’t want to practice, I was lucky enough to discover the library world. I completed a post-graduate diploma in […]

LIS Education: through time and space

While doing some research for this discussion topic, I came across this very comprehensive look at the development of LIS education around the world. Presented as a slideshow, this takes quite some time to read from start to finish, but even a quick flick through it shows a wide variety of ways to become a qualified […]

Discussion topic: What I wish I’d learned in library school (or: What’s the story with LIS Education?)

What I wish I’d learned in library school. Is there a topic closer to librarians’ hearts? However, it’s not unique to librarians – ask any professional in any job from journalism to veterinary science and you will find most have something to say about the value of on-the-job learning over theoretical training. The way you become […]

Twitter chat coming soon: join us!

Next week, 18:00 GMT on Wednesday 16th September is our next twitter chat. Our topic is the upcoming discussion topic on LIS Education and specifically “What I wish I’d learned in Library School”. With a time that’s more likely to suit our northern hemisphere colleagues than us here in Australia – we can’t wait to […]