Little Free Libraries

Today’s post comes to us from Cate Carlyle, our Ambassador to Canada:  I am a librarian. I spend my days organizing, purchasing, cataloguing, labeling, circulating, assessing, reviewing, suggesting, shipping and repairing books. I cannot go to sleep without a book and cannot remember a day that did not involve reading or creative writing. So it […]

Postcard: Sindh Madresstul Islam University

Today’s postcard comes from Nasrullah Jamali. Thanks Nasrullah! I am working as a Assistant Librarian in Sindh Madresstul Islam University Karachi Sindh Pakistan. Sindh Madresstul Islam University is the alma matter of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan. It is very oldest university of Pakistan. Its building is made in 1885 and the […]

Postcard: The Nigerian Stock Exchange Library, Lagos, Nigeria.

Today’s postcard comes from Olugbenga Charles Oke, the Coordinator, Library Services at The Nigerian Stock Exchange, Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you for sharing your Library!   The Nigerian Stock Exchange services the largest economy in Africa and is championing the development of Africa’s financial markets. The NSE, a registered company limited by guarantee, was founded in 1960 and […]

Postcard: Aligarh Institute Of Technology Library, Karachi, Pakistan

Today’s postcard was sent to us by Asst. Librarian Sana Hamid, MLIS,KU. from AIT, Karachi, Pakistan. Thanks Sana!  AIT library was established in 1989,it is a project of Sir syed university of engineering and technology,Karachi .Named after sir syed because its governing body member s are the passed out from Aligarh mulim university, India, their organization name is AMOUBA […]

Library spaces: Maker spaces

This post was inspired by an article on the Impact of Social Sciences blog about the role of maker spaces in academic libraries. The article looked at a ‘pop up’ maker space at the University of Sussex library. Maker spaces can really be whatever you want them to be – as long as they allow […]

Library spaces: the cool and the secret

Once you start writing about a topic, there’s no shortage of links to great websites and stories to connect to and add to the topic. For a super cool academic library with study spaces that seem to float in the air, check out Seikei University in Tokyo. Or you may prefer to learn about some of […]

Postcard: Volunteering at the Sandcastle Library in Honduras

Today’s post comes from Cate Carlyle, the ILN Ambassador for Canada sharing her adventures volunteering in Honduras:  Recently I spent Study Break Week at the university where I work volunteering in the Sandcastle Library on the island of Roatan Honduras. I covered my own travel and accommodation costs and used personal holiday time away from work. With […]

Library Spaces: “The New Outfit” of the Library of the Faculty of Economics & Business – Zagreb for the 95th Birthday

Today’s guest post comes to us from Zrinka Udiljak Bugarinovski,  the Head of the Library and Documentation Centre for the Faculty of Economics and Business – Zagreb in Croatia. Thank you for sharing this beautiful renewed space with us!  The Library of the Faculty of Economics & Business – Zagreb was founded in 1920. Although, the serious approach to […]