High tech to retro cool

At what seems like opposite ends of the technology scale, this week I read about a tablet that’s been designed specifically for library lending, that will hopefully end some of the difficulties libraries face lending out tablets that are set up to work best with a single user. The tablets come pre-loaded with content and personal information […]

Librarians in pop culture: a roundup

Over the last fortnight we’ve looked at a selection of ways in which libraries and librarians are portrayed in pop culture. While we had hoped to add “around the world” to that sentence, the fact is that, with a few exceptions, we found it difficult to find examples outside of American, British and Australian culture. […]

Libraries in pop culture: Rex Libris

Rex Libris is a science fiction graphic novel series created by James Turner, and tells the story of Rex Libris, Head Librarian at the Middleton Public Library. In addition to managing the public library, Rex is engaged in an unending battle against the forces of evil and their failure to return library books, which reaches through time […]

Libraries in pop culture: The Librarians (Australia)

Yes, we know there’s a current TV series from the US called The Librarians. But before that, and of a very different nature, was the Australian series by the same name. First airing in 2007, The Librarians is an Australian comedy series created by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). Much, much more realistic than the US […]

Libraries in pop culture: Biblos (Spain)

Our Spanish Ambassador Maria Garcia-Puente shared with us the story of Biblos, a super hero that promotes reading to young children at the Public Library of Huelva. If a child borrows 20 books in one year, they get a free copy of the Biblos comic, and if they borrow 50 books they can get a […]

Libraries in pop culture: Unshelved

Unshelved is a classic strip-style comic by Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes. The strip focuses on Dewey, a teen librarian that works at the Mallville Public Library. Joining Dewey are his fellow staff members (Buddy the Book Beaver is my favourite) and regular library visitors. Unshelved is available online for free, including a daily email […]

Libraries in pop culture: some examples from Poland

Our wonderful Poland Ambassador, Magdalena Gomułka, has shared with us some examples of librarians appearing in pop culture in Poland. Thanks Magda! Many of us may think that a Polish culture do not show librarians in a good light according to stereotypes a typical librarian is an older woman with a grey hair which always are […]