The Final Report: Running an online, international peer-mentoring program

Over four years, the International Librarians Network (ILN) provided free online peer-mentoring to over 5,500 participants from 130 countries. Participants used the program to explore the international world of librarianship, building global networks and sharing knowledge with colleagues around the world. In March 2017, the Directors of the ILN announced that they were discontinuing the […]

Guest post: Mobility for young Swiss librarians in European libraries and archives

Today’s guest post comes from Britta Biederman, Head Librarian at the Institute of Sociology Library, University of Zurich. Britta is the manager of a program that sends students from vocational library training programs to libraries and archives around Europe for internships. Britta met with ILN Director Alyson Dalby in Copenhagen in 2016 to talk about […]

Reflections from the ILN 2016 with Molly Brown

The International Librarians Network has been an amazing experience for me. Not only do I have the opportunity to interact with many incredible people from around the world, but being a part of this organization has continued to fuel my passion for librarianship, both at home and abroad. I have learned so much, not only […]

ILN announces partnership with ALA’s International Relations Round Table

We’re very pleased to announce a formal partnership between the ILN and the American Library Association’s International Relations Round Table (IRRT). IRRT have been supporting the ILN informally for some time, by helping get the word out about our program and by welcoming ILN Director Alyson Dalby to speak at the IRRT International Papers Program at […]

Diverse communities: the ILN experience

It feels wrong to let a discussion topic about serving diverse communities go by without talking a little about our experience here at the ILN. After all, with more than 3,500 participants from around 120 different countries over the past couple of years, we are certainly working with a diverse community. While we don’t have […]

LIS Education: through time and space

While doing some research for this discussion topic, I came across this very comprehensive look at the development of LIS education around the world. Presented as a slideshow, this takes quite some time to read from start to finish, but even a quick flick through it shows a wide variety of ways to become a qualified […]

Apply now to grow your international network

We ask participants at the end of each round what impact the ILN had on their professional activities. Based on that feedback we know that the number one outcome for participants in the ILN is developing a  wider professional awareness and an international perspective on their work. And we can tell why! The ILN is an […]

Moving for a job: Finding the job

If you’ve decided that the benefits of moving city or country for a job outweigh the down side – and assuming you don’t already have a job to move to – where do you start looking? If you search for international librarian jobs online, you get a lot of results, but many broken links as pages […]