Postcard: Librarian as teacher – information literacy in Bangladesh

Today’s postcard comes from our Bangladesh Country Ambassador, Shaharima Parvin and was inspired by the recent discussion topic on librarians as teachers. LIBRARIAN AS TEACHER: EAST WEST UNIVERSITY LIBRARY ARRANGES INFORMATION LITERACY PROGRAMS FOR ITS PATRONS ROUND THE YEAR Whenever, I am delivering lectures on information literacy program for patrons, I always try to start […]

Librarian as Teacher: ADA University Library Orientation for new students

Today’s guest post comes to us from Khayala Khalilova from ADA University in Azerbaijan:  On the 1st and 3rd of September ADA University Library held an orientation for first year students. The aim of the Orientation was to give brief and important information to the new students about ADA University Library and its rules. Orientation consisted of […]

Librarian as Teacher: CILIP Information Literacy Group

Want to learn more about Information Literacy but not sure where to start? The CILIP Information Literacy Group runs a website that is an incredibly rich resource on the topic. The Information Literacy website explores how Information Literacy connects with a range of sectors, including health, education and special libraries. It also has a blog […]

Librarian as Teacher: Information literacy in special libraries, or, how to secretly teach people things

When I was in library school I learned that information literacy is something that is taught in classes and seminars, by professional librarians to small or large groups of clients. While the content of information literacy training varied, what was made clear in the model I was presented with was that a client knew when […]

Discussion topic: the librarian as teacher

As library and information professionals, we often find ourselves in the role of teacher, helping library clients master information skills.Some of us are full-time teachers – a qualified teacher librarian, or an academic teaching new librarians in library school. But even many of us who are formal educators, find ourselves teaching at work all the time. […]

Games and libraries: gamification

Gamification is loosely, the adding of game like qualities to everyday activities to help engage users and provide some motivation to complete them. The most common application of this in the library context is probably gamification of information literacy (there’s even a Pinterest board dedicated to this) or gamifying orientation to your library. What other applications are there? What about […]

#FavouriteFeature: Shaharima Parvin from Bangladesh

Today’s post comes from Shaharima Parvin the ILN Ambassador for  Bangladesh: I’m working as a circulation officer at East West University Library. It is an academic library. Every week, I have to perform my duty in this section. My library has four sections. This is circulation section. This is the finest section for me because my patrons […]

Guest post: ACRL Information literacy immersion program

This post comes from our Hong Kong, China Country Coordinator, Leo Ma. Leo and his colleague Lily Ko recently published an article on the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Programme in the IFLA Asia and Oceania Section Newsletter (Issue 25, December 2013). In this article, they write about the programme content and how to share what they […]

2014 Library Resolutions: Tegan Darnell

Tegan Darnell in Toowoomba, Australia We have committed to “kill some sacred cows” and start afresh this year. Some examples of the biggest changes are: Completely ditching the structured generic Finding information face-to face classes and running on the spot open presentations within the library space on point-of-need issues requested by patrons Previously we have […]