“Traversing the Globe through Illuminated Manuscripts”

The Getty Museum in Los Angeles has opened a significant exhibit of illuminated manuscripts, on display from January 26 – June 26, 2016. Typically when I think of illuminated manuscripts, I imagine medieval monks working by candlelight in remote monasteries in Europe, creating beautiful works of art and literature. However, the Getty exhibition offers more: […]

Reminder: GLAM Twitter Chat tonight

This is a reminder to join us online tonight (Thursday 4 June) from 9pm AEST (GMT+10) (click here to convert this to your local time). Our Social Media Coordinator (Twitter and Facebook), the fabulous Lisa Miller, will be running a live Twitter chat on our discussion topic on GLAM: Galleries, Libraries, Archive and Museums. We’d love you […]


The iGLAM Lab is a laboratory for innovation in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums and is a part of the National Institute for Experimental Arts at UNSW Australia. iGLAM is a research group that works at the intersection of emerging technology and cultural heritage. They seek to use cutting edge technology to create extraordinary immersive […]

GLAM: Karen Du Toit on Working in Audio-Visual Archives

AV archives worldwide have a major headache that needs being addressed yesterday already! “International consensus holds that we have around 15 years in which to preserve our sound collections. By 2030, the scarcity of older equipment, the condition of recorded media and the loss of skills will make their preservation costly, difficult and, in many cases, impossible.” […]


The GLAM-Wiki project aims to encourage GLAM organisations to work with Wikimedia (the organisation behind Wikipedia) to create high quality, open access, freely reusable content for the world and to preserve and promote cultural heritage online. The first GLAM-Wiki Conference was in Canberra Australia in August 2009, which brought together 150 delegates to discuss how the Wikimedia community could work with […]

GLAM: Daniel Green talks Makers and Museums

When people ask me to talk about “The Maker Movement”, one of the first things I usually say is that it doesn’t exist. This might sound a little awkward, considering I’ve been coordinating and producing the Sydney Mini Maker Faire at the Powerhouse Museum (now the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences) since 2013, but […]


OpenGLAM is an initiative that  is dedicated to sharing knowledge and aims to build a global cultural commons for the world to use. Coordinated by the Open Knowledge Foundation, OpenGLAM works with cultural institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums to open up their content and data  to the world through hands-on workshops, documentation and guidance. […]

GLAM: Chris Gaul Artist in Residence

In 2012 I spent six months at UTS Library as their first artist in residence. Working alongside the librarians, I creating artistic interventions in the library and artworks exploring the library collection. Dr Chris Caines and Elisa Lee and Adam Hinshaw have also undertaken residencies and the program has become an exciting model for artistic […]