Gaming & Libraries: A Canadian Perspective

The Canadian perspective on games and libraries comes to us from Christine F. Smith, ILN Country Ambassador for Canada. Games have existed as cultural artefacts for much time, and in recent years, we have seen games and gaming join our paperbacks and story times in library programs and services around the world. Gaming can been […]

Games and libraries: gamification

Gamification is loosely, the adding of game like qualities to everyday activities to help engage users and provide some motivation to complete them. The most common application of this in the library context is probably gamification of information literacy (there’s even a Pinterest board dedicated to this) or gamifying orientation to your library. What other applications are there? What about […]

Games and libraries: Campaspe Regional Libraries

Today’s post comes from our Australian Country Ambassador, Jenny Mustey. Campaspe Regional Library is in northern Victoria and serves a regional population of over 35,000 spread across more than 4,500 square kilometres. Just recently I attended a conference and many of the sessions that were enthusiastically presented were about games and gaming and their place in […]

Discussion topic: Games and libraries

This week’s discussion topic will look at the connection between libraries and games – this seems to be as varied as the types of libraries themselves. From a traditional focus on board games to the rise of Minecraft in libraries, there is something in this topic for most of us. I remember as an 8 […]